The Point Boston Peninsula is a master planned community development that stretches over 750 hectares of natural peninsula about 18 kms from Port Lincoln. It is ideally located for weekend getaways from Adelaide or as a place to live.

A Scheme description and By-Laws protect the integrity of this development area and help maintain and preserve the natural heritage across the peninsula.

A Community Corporation Committee formed by lot holders is responsible for the management of common property - including land and infrastructure. The Committee is also responsible for ensuring the By-Laws and the Scheme Description are upheld. The community corporations appointed managers are chaged with ensuring all owners and occupants uphold these simple rules.

For further information please contact our Corporation Manager -

Peter Affleck or Steve Geyer at Whittles on 08 8291 2300 or  or

Our Mission Statement

‘The Corporation aim to manage, present and protect a well maintained and quality community in which to live at Point Boston’


PB-Newsletter Feb 2015
PB Newsletter Nov 2015
PB Newsletter Feb 2016
PB Newsletter Nov 2016 

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Please note that new Government and Council planning legislation may supersede and overrule some items contained in the Scheme description, Design Guidelines and 2014 Plumbing Guide. We will endeavour to advise you of changes whenever possible.


Incident Reporting


 Please report all incidents to the Corporation Manager - Steve Geyer at Whittles on 08 8291 2300

*****The Plumbing guide was revised in January 2014*****


Community Notices

  1. Point-Boston-Community-Letter2.pdf
  2. DHA-approval-28Nov13.pdf
  3. Community Letter- March 2014
  4. AGM Notice 16th April 2014.pdf
  5. New Native Vegetation Management Plan 2014-2015
  6. Presiding Officers Letter Dec 2014
  7. Presiding Officer 2015 AGM report
  8. PBCC-25691-News-Letter-2.pdf
  9. Presiding Officer letter 2017



Story BoardPoint Boston Water Story

Click for a larger graphic

Using Recycled Water

Tips on using water - SA Water

PB Plumbing Guidelines

View and download the POINT BOSTON 2014 PLUMBING GUIDE

View and download the home plumbing graphic

House Tank Volume Schedule 

View and download the House Tank Volume Schedule.


As part of the Pont Boston Scheme description all dwellings must install a Biolytix waste disposal system. Biolytix guide.

Prior to installation please contact our Water Operations Manager: Trevor Castley -EP Water Treatment on 0427 053909.

Building Design Guidelines


All applications to build at Point Boston must be certified by our Design Review Architect before submission to Council. This includes any significant alterations and additions.


Prior to the commencement of building works you must:


Prior to installation of your Biolytix Unit and connection to our effluent system you must:


View and download the Point Boston Building Design Guidelines 

View and download the new 2014 Plumbing Guide. This includes information on the Biolytix system.

Please note the following amendments to the Guidelines:
  1. LPG Gas Meter: Not available residents are required to use bottled gas until supply is available
  2. Design Review: Please submit copies of all documents direct to: The Design Review Architect: Damien McQuillan Architect as a pdf file to:- or mail to PO Box 1916Port Lincoln SA 5607
  3. Design Review Application Fee:  $375.00 payable to Damien McQuillan Architect
    by direct deposit to:- Please ring for details
    or cheque to above address
  4. Additions to approved plans will be assessed for an additional fee to be agreed with the Design Review Architect directly. 

Design Review Architect

Damien McQuillan Architect Pty Ltd

PO Box 1916

Port Lincoln SA 5607

ABN 53821433613



Mob: 0448 962563

Tel: 86 82 6732

Fax: 86 82 6769


Design Review application form

Download the Design review application form Design-Review-Application-Form.pdf. Fees apply to all applications. Fees for alterations or building additions will be at the discretion of the Design Review Architect.


Hi-Sets - Design Examples

Hi-Set design and image 1 and image 2

Builder & Tradesperson Induction Kit

All builders and trade persons are to be inducted by Lot holders before commencing work at Point Boston. 

PBCC By-Laws and Scheme Description

The Point Boston By-Laws and Scheme description apply to all members Corporation and will apply to all fututure developments at Point Boston.

View and download the Point Boston By-Laws

View and download the Scheme description


Water Bills

All residents will have two water meters to record both SA Water usage and Recycled water usage. Currently the water you receive via both meters is supplied by SA Water.

Water bills (usage only) will be sent out bi-annually as part of your Corporation levies.


Biolytix Units

Installation must be co-ordinated through the Corporation Manager. The Corporation will arrange annual inspection and servicing. You will be additionally charged for this service. Please note By-Law 2.3.1. 


Refuse Collection

The Corporation has arranged for all refuse collections to take place within the entrance to Stage 1. The collections will begin on Monday the 9th of June 2014.

To request your household wheelie bins please contact DCLEP

T 08 8682 1622


 ByLaw 12

            ByLaw 12a



LPG Supply Status

Current Status: Residents are requested to use bottled gas


Emergency Contact Telephone Numbers


Port Lincoln Police: 08 8688 3020

Country Fire Service (CFS):

Corporation Manager

T 08 8291 2300

Bushfire Management Plan

We have been advised by the CFS that each individidual household must be solely responsible for their bushfire plan and maintenance of their fire fighting equipment. The Corporation is responsible for maintaining fire breaks and reducing plant growth around the residential development areas. This responsibility does not extend to vacant blocks.

Residential hand out Kit  POINT-BOSTON-CC-Inc-REV-2-Bushfire-readiness-Kit.pptx

CFS Survival Plan for Point Boston East-Bay-POINT-BOSTON-Bushfire-Survival-Plan-Checklist-2013.docx

2016 trial Survival Plan CFS-website-BSP-trial-2016.docx

Suitable Plant species (Low combustion) Plants-with-low-flammability-characteristics-2.docx

WTF Spill Management Plan

Not applicable at this time


Sand Mining on the Peninsula

Sand Mine

A company related to the previous owner of the development site at Point Boston held an extractive mining lease (EML 5774) which expired in November 2012.  The previous operator was DK Quarries Pty Ltd of North Shields and the mine had a designated production rate of 100 – 1000 tonnes of sand per half year.

The site has had numerous extractive mining leases over the years. The sand was predominantly used for road works in and around Port Lincoln.

The land on which the expired mining lease sits is now Community Corporation common land and the Corporation is working with DMITRE for rehabilitation of the site. The cost for levelling and revegetation may be met by application via DMITRE to an extractive area rehabilitation fund (EARF).

Any future mining of the area will be subject to a full investigation of impact on all matters of heritage and native vegetation and the consent of the Community Corporation as owner.

For the time being, the Corporation is keen to reinstate the land to its natural state and in keeping with the ecological standing of the Point Boston development, permission for future mining is unlikely to be given.



Native Vegetation Management Plan

In 2003 a survey of the Point Boston Peninsula was conducted on behalf of the South Australian Mariculture Pty Ltd. The report details some rare plant and bird species as well as some feral weeds and animal infestations.

The report details the Heritage Agreement Areas and identifies a requirement to prevent illegal access to the heritage areas and prevent the clearing of any additional fire breaks unless there is a risk to life or property. 

The Corporation are now trustees of this land. By working with local and government agencies we aim to prevent further degradation and enhance the precious environment within our peninsula.


Point Boston Native Vegetation Management Plan 2014 - 2015



What you should Plant

Eyre Peninsula Coastal Action Plan


List of Native Animals


Local Pests Plants and Animals


Cultural Heritage Awareness Plan

There are a number of Aboriginal sites within the Point Boston Peninsula. Although the location of these areas will not be publicised it is important that all members are aware of their legal responsibilities.

Please refer to p105 to p115 of the Corporation By-Laws


What should I do if I discover:-

Aboriginal remains such as sites or objects

Aboriginal remains (bones)



Local Indigenous Community

T 08 8682 6677

F 08 8682 6616




General Enquiries and Maintenance

All enquiries, including requests to the Management Committee must be made through our Corporation Manager.

Corporation Manager - Ian Wallis
T 08 8291 2300
E  or


Corporation Manager
T 08 8291 2300
E or

Building - Eyesores and non complying structures

Damien McQillan Archtects

Plumbing Compliance Coordinator


A: 12 Sandringham Ave
      Port Lincoln SA 5606
P: 0437 036 853  F:
(08) 8682 2660

Water Operations Manager

EP Water Treatment

M 0427 053 909

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